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Hardy Ultralite NSX DH

The old saying, "two hands are better than one" could have been invented for the Salmon and Steelhead angler, but there’s never been more ways to catch fish with a two-handed set-up than today. All anglers, including Trout and saltwater, are discovering the inbuilt advantages of the "long rod." The ability to cast heavy-wind resistant flies for great distances with ease, and more importantly, control them when they reach the target, has opened up new possibilities. The new, comprehensive range of Ultralite two-handed rods bring increased levels of feel, in-hand balance, and all-important fish fighting power when you need it most.

Sintrix NSX construction
Application specific action design
Ceramic lined titanium recoil guides
Aluminium and Carbon custom reel seat
Supplied in a hard travel tube
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Size: Hardy Ultralite NSX DH

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