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Airflo Ridge Clear Tactical Floating

When it comes to your regular fly line, we’ve got you covered ­ with our unique Ridge Supple technology, Power Core, Density Compensation, and the complete range of tapers available, we feel our offering is very comprehensive.

It would appear not ­ after 25 years of making fly lines, we always find those anglers who want just that little more, yes, you know who you are… the guy who spends every waking hour plotting their next cast, tying perfect imitations of the fish’s food and just think like… fish!

Pro’s told us they wanted a line to do everything our regular lines do, only they wanted it clear, oh yes, Crystal Clear… The ultimate stealth line that would not spook fish, would shoot exceptionally, handle superbly and remain supple even in cold crystal clear water.

Making a line that’s invisible in water and casts like a dream has never been a problem for our clear intermediate lines, but even these have been improved as part of this process.

A few tweaks to the coating and the addition of Ridges, has certainly given our intermediate lines some additional zing, signifi cant improvements you would expect in both casting performance and line handling for our forward thinking technology.
  • Product Use: General Freshwater Trout
  • Core Material: Mono Core
  • Coating: Ridge Clear Supple
  • Loop Type: Micro Loop Both Ends with Line Marker at Butt
  • Optimum Temperature Range: 5c to 30c
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