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Brodin Ghost Cutthroat Float Tube - Teak

Here it is; a new molded rubber bag that is extremely light in weight and can be easily carried with a magnetic release. Brodin’s calling it the Ghost because when you put it into the water, the net bag disappears. This means that in addition to the benefit of not having flies snagged in the net bag, fish will be less easily spooked at the net because they will not be able to see it. One wood choice only- teak. Why? It is relatively lightweight and will hold up well in water.

Both the Gallatin and Cutthroat Float Tube model have a re-enforced yoke. Brodin laminate two plies of teak on the inside of the frame where the bow meets the handle. And, as with all of our nets, we use an industrial grade catalyzed polyurethane finish. Soak the net all day in water without any problems.

Brodin Cutthroat Float Tube:
  • 30 (76 cm) in overall length
  • 10 (25 cm) x 15 (38 cm) opening
  • Constructed with Costa Rican Teak
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    Brodin Ghost Cutthroat Float Tube - Teak

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