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Hareline Life-Flex

A excellent stretchable rubber makes it perfectly adhere to hook base and the undercoat and fits perfectly on it. Recommended for all kinds of bodys, we can also make it perfectly working legs of insects or make the wings more impresive.

In a package 40 strips, 27 cm long

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Color: Hareline Life-Flex

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Kingfisher Blue Code: 10076021 Hareline Life-Flex
3.19 EUR

Blood Red Code: 10076022 Hareline Life-Flex
3.19 EUR

Light Olive Code: 10076024 Hareline Life-Flex
3.19 EUR

Brown Code: 10076033 Hareline Life-Flex
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Dark Olive Code: 10076036 Hareline Life-Flex
3.19 EUR