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Taimen Chuluut Waders

Taimen Chuluut waders – a combination of the highest quality materials with an innovative cut for comfort and durability. Two types of fabric, lighter in the upper part and much more durable and resistant to punctures on the legs and seat. Waders are designed in such a way that the joining of fabric is kept to a minimum, the legs are made of one piece of fabric, where the only seam is at the front of the leg.

• External material with enhanced resistance to soiling.
• Leg and seat made of strong, heavy 5 layer fabric with enhanced resistance. weight 330 g/m2*
•Product THE BLUE WAY by BLUESIGN. Bluesign represents the vision and mindset of responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products. more on https://www.bluesign.com/en • Internal leg with no seams.
• Unique system of rolling top of waders
• Built-in gravel guards.
• Braces with YKK clips.
• External mesh pocket with zip fastener.
• External warm pocket for hands.
• Profiled socks made of resistant neoprene made by 3M.
• Bottom sock part made of neoprene with enhanced rub through resistance.
• Each pair checked 3 time separately.

*for comparison, the weight of a lightweight three-layer jacket is about 120-130 g / m2, the standard thickness of a fabric for breathable jackets is about 140-150 g / m2. Thick fabrics for breathable jackets weigh approx. 160-170 g / m2
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