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Taimen Merino Yukon Wading Socks

Yukon Merino Wading Socks are designed for comfortable use during cold days using.
Natural Merino wools and silver ions will give warm and comfort during wading. Used Kevlar fibers and Lycra give durability and convenience.

  • Absorber System - triple weave of „3D” fibers amortizes the pressure of the foot on the surface; the entire sock is made in terry technique.
  • Air Control System - system of small ventilating tubules supports maintaining proper air circulation, wicking moisture and excessive heat outside the sock.
  • Anatomy System - Y-type heel, accordingly profiled knitwear perfectly matches the foot simultaneously stabilizing it.
  • Stick System – elastic foot band on the metacarpus preventing against sliding and twisting of the sock
  • Comfort System – non-compressive, double welt ensures comfort of usage.
  • Rosso System - flat seam near the toes prevents abrasions and ensures high comfort of usage.
  • Protect System, terry layer which protects toes and heel against abrasions.
    Used Fibers:
  • Merino Wool - 72%; natural merino wool, guarantees ideal thermal isolation, long-lasting dry sensation and enables the skin to breathe.
  • Silver ions (Ag+) Prolen Siltex - 15%; yarn modified with an anti-bacterial substance based on biogenic silver ions (Ag+), prevents bacteria and fungus growth, reduces bad odor, maintains biological balance of the skin, ensures long-lasting feeling of freshness, is safe for the user as well as environmentally-friendly.
  • Kevlar - 4%; fibre with technical properties, has very high resistance to stretching and thermal factors, guarantees stability of sizes and high durability of the sock.
  • Coolmax 6%
  • Lycra - 3%; fiber with elastic properties, guarantees stability of sizes.
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