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Airflo G Shock Super Dri Elite

The Airflo Super-Dri G Shock Fly Line features Airflo’s ever popular Super Dri technology and is a brand new stretchy fly line.
The new G Shock lines offer a power core with a controlled stretch of around 15%, giving a similar feel to a stretchy PVC line, but still allowing you to set the hook marginally better without any fear of breakage.
The Airflo Super-Dri G Shock Fly Line includes the classic Airflo ridged line surface which traps water and air in the fine grooves to give you greater shoot ability and less tangles in the line, adding distance to every cast that you make. This fly line easily lifts off the water’s surface, giving less disturbance and helping maintain your stealth.
Available in two different colours: Peach and Hot Coral
  • Ultimate high floating PVC Free material
  • Repels water better than any other material
  • Repels dirt and surface scum with a vengeance
  • Easy mending capabilities due to higher floating, adding length to drag free drifts
  • Permanently part of the line, not a coating that leaches out – migration is only good for birds!
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