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Aqua Stone Demi Brown

  • AQUA PCR Polarized Lenses are made in CR 39® hard resin, with the internal polarising layer, combine the best optical quality and scratch- resistance of glass lenses, with the lightness of plastic lenses.
  • AQUA PPX Polarized lenses are made with a new lens material for Sun e Sport Eyewear. PPX lenses provide superior impact resistance, visual performance, lighter weight and durability, compared to other lens material such as polycarbonate. PPX lenses provide high resistance to the cracking, thermal and mechanic stability; only using these specific lenses we have been in position to develop innovative eyewear like model SHARK.
  • AQUA POLARCHROMIC One lens does it all, it provides comfort in all sunlight condition.enhance visual acuity for any climatic condition.
  • AQUA PL Polarized Lenses are made with TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose ) specifically designed for use in our lenses. Aqua PL Polarized lenses increase visual acuity and enhance visual performance, which improve contrast and sharpness in your vision. Available in 6 different colours, block all UV 100%.
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    Color: Aqua Stone Demi Brown

    Photo Color Description


    The lenses for each situation, adapt to changing of the light, maintain the best visual performance in any sunlight conditions.Recommended for fishing in small streams with shadows.
    PH -Amber Polar Chromic Code: 10070901 Aqua Stone Demi Brown
    94.99 USD

    The lenses for each situation, adapt to changing of the light, maintain the best visual performance in any sunlight conditions. Recommended for general use in every situation.
    PH -Sky Grey Polar Chromic Code: 10070902 Aqua Stone Demi Brown
    94.99 USD

    In conditions of poor visibility improves the visual perception. Recommended for fishing at sunset and streams with shadows
    PL - Yellow Polarized Lens Code: 10070903 Aqua Stone Demi Brown
    55.99 USD

    Attenuates the “excessive” brightness of sunlight. Recommended for prolonged exposure to the sun light, in most lighting conditions, such as a day of fishing at sea with full sun and high reflection on the water surface.
    PL - Mir Blue Polarized Lens Code: 10070907 Aqua Stone Demi Brown
    65.99 USD