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C and F 2500 Series

M-size WaterProof Fly Case is positioned between S-size case and L-size WateProof Case.
It is very versatile size for not only fishing vest ,It can be use with chest pack, shoulder bag or waist bag.
Aspect is similar to L-size WaterProof case but it has much more new ideas in a lot of places.
Light & Tough
Case itself has enough toughness but thin enough to fulfill lighter weight.(Ave.110g)
Especially anglers who walk for long distance will appreciate this light weight.
It will make anglers surprised how much this case can store flies. It design efficiently reorganized to use best space usage.
Stopper for not opening more than 180 degree
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Model: C and F 2500 Series

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Slots for 235 flies
Designed for flies size 6-18
Patented design
Midle size: 157x106x41 cm
CF 2555 W.P.F.C. Code: 10052711 C and F 2500 Series
34.99 USD