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FFGene Tier Plus Set

Product Description: FFGene Tier Set Plus

FFGene Tier Set Plus is an enhanced set of tools and materials for fly tying, perfect for both beginners and advanced anglers. All components are carefully packed in a sturdy plastic box with a compartment inside, making it easy to store and transport.

Set Contents:
  • Dubbing (5 types): High-quality materials for fly bodies.
  • HAIR / Flash (3 types): Perfect for wings, bodies, and adding an attractive sparkle.
  • Brass Beads (1 pack): Heavy beads for weighting flies.
  • Glass Beads (1 pack): Light and shiny beads.
  • Tungsten Beads (1 pack): Very heavy beads for weighting flies.
  • Akita AK (4 types): High-quality hooks for tying dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers.
  • Dubbing Tool Small (1 pc): Tool for precise dubbing application.
  • Hackle Pliers Standard (1 pc): Essential for precise feather handling.
  • Bobbin Holder Standard (1 pc): Allows easy thread winding.
  • Bobbin Threader (1 pc): Makes threading the bobbin tube easier.
  • Dubbing Needle (1 pc): For shaping and placing dubbing.
  • Finisher Small (1 pc): Tool for finishing knots.
  • General Purpose Fly Tying Scissors (1 pc): Versatile scissors for cutting various materials.
  • De Luxe Master Fly Tying Vise (1 pc): Deluxe fly tying vise.
  • Thread (2 spools): High-quality thread.
  • Silicone Legs (1 pack): Flexible legs for insect imitations.
  • Squirmy Wormies (1 pack): Flexible, rubbery materials for worm imitations.
  • 3-D Eyes (2 sets): Realistic eyes for flies.
  • Goose Shoulders (2 sets): Goose feathers for wings and tails.
  • Peacock Eyes (1 set): Peacock feathers for fly decoration.
  • Goose Biots (1 set): Goose feathers for wings and tails.
  • India Cock Capes Class A (1 set): High-quality rooster feathers.
  • Mallard Flank (1 set): Duck feathers, great for tails and bodies.
  • Marabou (2 sets): Soft feathers for creating mobile parts of flies.
  • BOX (1 pc): Durable plastic storage box with a compartment.

The FFGene Tier Set Plus is assembled with the intention of allowing the creation of various types of flies, making it extremely versatile. By purchasing this set, you save half the price compared to buying the individual components separately. The perfect gift for any fly angler!

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FFGene Tier Plus Set

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