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Hardy Ultradisc Cassette

Hardy set new standards in 2008 with the introduction of the first high-end cassette reel system seen on the market. This year, see that bar raised yet again with the all new Ultradisc cassette reel. The all-new frame design allows significant weight saving and incorporates a built-in line guard design that effortlessly controls thin running lines. A full disc drag system provides ample stopping power with fine adjustment, and the large arbour polycarbonate spools result in rapid line recovery. Finally, the re-introduction of the much loved "CLS" locking system offers simple, fast, and reliable spool change time and time again.

Bar stock Aluminium frame and spool carrier
Durable polycarbonate spool
Our lightest high performance cassette reel
Full disc drag
Fast and durable spool locking sytem
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Size: Hardy Ultradisc Cassette


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