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Steelheading Made Simple (DVD)

Steelheading Made Simple

Your hosts, Jerry Darkes and Brian Flechsig, bring with them 25 years combined steelheading experience. Jerry, a well-known guide and writer, was one of the first anglers to chase Lake Erie steelhead with a fly rod. He has spent thousands of house on the steelhead waters of hours on the steelhead waters of Lake Erie.
A seasoned steelheader, Brian caught his first trout on a fly when he was seven years old. Today, he is an accomplished guide, instructor and fly tyer. Brian operates one of the Midwest’s largest fly fishing outfitting services.
Steelheading Made Simple provides compete instruction for successful steelheading, including:

  •  Equipment 
  • Rigging 
  • Where to fish 
  • Fishing techniques 
  • Hooking and playing fish 
  • Flies 
  • And much more
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Steelheading Made Simple (DVD)

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