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Successful Fly Fyshing Strategies (DVD)

Watching this video is like spending days being personally guided by two experts. Understand how to identify the choicest spots, what are the most effective tactics to use…and why. Learn how to observe and analyze every possible strategy at every fishing location.
Gary Lafontaine Author, Lecturer, Publisher, Psychologist, Scientist and perpetual Student of the art and beauty of fly fishing. His award-winning books include Caddisflies, The Dry Fly and Trout Flies. Tragically, Gary succumbed to ALS ( Lou Gerhig’s Disease) in 2002 and everyone, especially fly fishers, lost a wonderful friend. But, as author and editor Dave Hughes puts it, “About the most pleasurable way to get to know Gary and to learn from him was, and still is, to watch this program. These two guys produce so much excellent information with so much fun and laughter that I consider it about the best fishing show ever made.”
Dick Sharon Great Fly Fisherman, Outfitter/Guide, Instructor, former Major League Outfielder ( Detroit Tigers and San Diego Padres) and all-around fun guy.
Gary and Dick utilize stream scouting techniques, electronic telestrator drawings, incisive humor, cosmic intuition- anything and everything that communicates how to observe, analyze and perform…in other words, how to hook more fish.

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Successful Fly Fyshing Strategies (DVD)

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