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Taimen Menza T-ZIP Sonic Waders

For their production we used medium weight 3 layer fabric with the highest breathability and water resistance. Over the average strength of the fabric is achieved by making it in 100% from Nylon. All of the connection of fabric in the waders have been placed in places where they are not subject to abrasion, as in other Taimen products, Menza waders have no seams in the inner part of leg. All fabric joints were made using ultrasonic technology, without needle and thread. The resulting joint was then reinforced inside by the sealing tape. We used well know and tested in our old models T-Zip front Zipper

Menza Waders Facts:
  • Made in ultrasonic-weld technology.
  • High strength 3 layer Nylon construction
  • High breathability and water resistance
  • DWR finish (durable water repelent)
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Waterproof T-ZIP front zipper
  • Large chest pocket
  • Inner pocket for accessories
  • Ergonomic socks made of thick neoprene.
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