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Waders and Jackets Repair Tape (1 m)

Repair tape for breathable waders and clothes. (saems tape).

Fixing leaky waders.
1. Detecting leakage in waders. The most important factor in fixing of leaky waders is to properly detect the leak point. The most effective and, at the same time, very simple method is to turn waders inside-out, then pump and immerse them in water. Even the smallest leaks will be revealed with air bubbles. Marked the leak points with a felt-tip pen, for example, before you begin to fix the waders.
2. Fixing punctures with thermal adhesive tape. Cut out a proper piece of thermal adhesive tape, apply it to the leaking place in waders and press it with a hot iron in wool settings.
3. Fixing seam abrasions in waders.
4.1 If the abrasion is small, or you do not have a repair tape, you can apply a thin layer of repair adhesive to the tape, with a width not exceeding the tape itself, and leave it to dry;
4.2 In the case of larger leaks on the tape, the best solution is to remove the old tape and apply a new one. Remove the old tape by pressing it with a hot iron in wool settings. After it is pressed with the iron, it detaches from the waders and can be gently peeled off. Once it is removed, apply a new tape in its place and iron it.
After it has been pressed for some time, the adhesive on the new tape dissolves and the tape adheres to the waders, thus ensuring tightness.
5. Once the repair is complete, make sure that all leaks have been removed by pumping and immersing them in water.
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Waders and Jackets Repair Tape (1 m)

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