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Wapsi Finn Raccoon

Finn Raccoon
• Great for tube flies
• More guard hair and length than Arctic Fox
• Large select piece in a 4 x 6 zip-lock bag
• Also available in zonker strips
An awesome material for streamers of all types.
Finn Raccoon is a premium fur used in the production of high quality jackets and coats. It was discovered several years ago by European salmon fly tyers who found it an ideal material for use on tube flies. The material later became popular among North American salmon and steelhead anglers who use it on a variety of streamer patterns. Although popular on these patterns its uses certainly are not limited to salmon and steelhead flies.

Finn Raccoon hair is extremely soft and lively (almost airy). It has a longer length than other similar hairs like Artic Fox. This makes it a great material for tying souped up Clouser minnows, striper flies, and bonefish flies. It is also a great material for tying trout streamers and the hair can be substituted in place of bucktail, marabou, and craft fur with ease. An added benefit of the material is that the under fur is fine and soft and can be used for dubbing.
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