New for 2016 (2015-12-30 / Archives)

presentation of some new products for 2016 years.

New Generation of Taimen wading boots:

  • Wider construction of the boots that includes space for a thick neoprene sockprovides greater comfort even if you choose to wear an extra pair of woolly socks.
  • Rubber sole adapted to screwed in studs.Inside part of sole additionally reinforced with 4 mmhard rubber - in place where studs go in.
  • Special construction of tongue toput the boot on easily.The inside of boots padded with softfabric for better comfort.
  • Natural leather coated with agentsthat improve lastingness.
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    Presentation of new products - in stock 09.2013 (2013-06-12 / Archives)

    Waterproof Luggage

    Taimen Vest one.jpg

    Taimen River Vest - Concept. (2013-05-31 / Archives)

    A concept of Taimen River Vest.
    Vest will be available in July/August 2013.

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    Taimen Best Price Guarantee (2013-05-06 / Archives)

    Brand Taimen - Direct selling model. From factory to fisherman - Taimen is close to you.


    Polish National Fly Fishing Team testing Taimen clothes. (2013-03-24 / Archives)

    From 2009 members of Polish Fly Fishing team testing our clothes. Every year after season we receive suggestion about waders, boots, jackets.


    Stocking our fisheries. (2012-04-11 / Archives)

    Our fishery is mountain part of the river Vistula, and river Brennica (approximately 80 km) We stocked rivers with brown trout.


    A part of our fly tying materials (2012-03-27 / Archives)

    A few photos of our fly tying warehouse.


    Taimen mobile (2011-08-29 / Archives)

    Just type