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Payment methods:

In most countries we offer the e-card secure payment system, which offers credit card payments and paypal account payments.

When paying by credit card, credit card information, such as the card number or expiry date, only needs to be provided in our bank (e-card), this information is provided during a secure https: internet connection and we do not have access to it.  At the time of placing the order, the amount of the order is held on your card, but the funds are still on your credit card. We will transfer the money from your card only upon shipment, in the amount of the value of the sent items. If, for some reason, the value of the shipped items is less than that of the ordered items, the difference will be reversed onto your credit card.

Our store accepts payment by the majority of popular credit cards. Sometimes customers have problems paying with cards such as Visa Electron - whether you can make online transactions with this type of card depends on the bank of your credit card issuer.

Transfer payments (paypal):

If you do not have a credit card you can make a payment via a paypal account - you need to register for this at Upon creating a paypal account you will be able to transfer money to your paypal account, and then make a purchase via our website by selecting the credit card payment option, followed by paypal on the website of our bank (e-card).