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Airflo Wavehopper Life Jacket (Collar Style)

Designed to meet the latest SIO12402/5 standards the Wavehopper inflatable waistcoat is a must have item for anyone looking at going afloat or wading. 2 years of extensive development and testing have gone into creating this functional inflatable fishing vest.

When you first put the Wavehopper vest on you will hardly notice any difference to a normal fly fishing waistcoat, plenty of pockets for all the essential items, D rings and extremely comfortable, it’s only when the unthinkable happens and you find yourself in the water that the ingenious design of the Wavehopper really comes into play.

If you’re wearing the automatic waistcoat within seconds of being submersed the automatic arming system activates the 120 NEWTON bladder that is concealed within the waistcoat. With the manual waistcoat a quick pull of the arming cord fires the arming system.

Every year we hear reports of anglers drowning -DON’T BECOME ONE OF THESE STATISTICS! Note: The Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket MUST be worn outside all other garments and is tailored this way; failure to do this may result in injury when activated.
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Airflo Wavehopper Life Jacket (Collar Style)

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