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Borski Ties Flies Vol 2 (DVD)

Borski Ties Flies Series 2

„Borski does it again! The „artist as a young man” demonstrates his ability with the brush, a fly rod and a Tying vise. This is a fresh approach to fly fishing and the (Florida) Keys. My favorite!” Rick Ruoff
This DVD is a follow up to Tim’s first DVD ”Borski Ties Flies” and is the second DVD in the series of instructional fly tying videos released by Captain Jon Milchman and Tim Borski of purple Isle Productions. In this DVD, Borski ties five more particularly effective patterns and explains to the viewer why and where they work best. Clear, concise tying sequences are followed by exciting fishing footage as the fly is taken for a test drive in the waters surrounding the scenic Florida Keys.

Butterfly: To catch big tailing bonefish you need a fly that has a large profile and rides hook point up, yet lands softly. This fly was designed with the jumbo bones of Florida Bay in mind. As its name implies, “ It lands like butter, baby.” You will see Tim trick the legendary big bones of the Florida keys with this special pattern,
Chernobyl PM : This fly is another variation of Tim’s versatile Chernobyl tying style and is designed to push some water allowing fish to find it easily in low light situations. Tim used this fly at the end of an evening of bone fishing to take a “slob” at sunset.
Redfish Slider: A variation of Tim’s Bonefish Slider, this fly is just as effective in Louisiana and the Carolinas as it is in the Everglades of Florida. Redfish love this fly and you’ll see that as Tim pursues the Reds of Florida Bay.
Craft fur Shrimp: A pattern that always is in the fly box. Equally effective for tarpon and snook in the bridge lights, or tied lightly weighted for bonefish flats and Tripletail floating around a crab buoy. Any fish who will eat a shrimp will be fooled by this classic pattern. Watch as Tim uses this pattern to invite a floating Tripletail home for dinner.
Skunk: A Muddler style tie that combines a spun deer hair head with a bunny tail. This is a pattern that baby tarpon flip over! You will learn the secrets of this fly and are sure to add this valuable pattern to your repertoire wherever you live or travel. Be sure to check out Tim as he gets into some high-flying baby tarpon action.

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Borski Ties Flies Vol 2 (DVD)

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