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Coq de Leon Feather

Leon feathers are, without doubt, among the most famous fly-tying materials and those with the longest history to their name. This is due to the fact that, for centuries, the shy trout has been a highly appreciated culinary dish and the object of laws and proscriptions by many kings. Amongst others may be mentioned: The Visigoth King Suintila in 654 AD, King Alfonso X the Wise, in the Ordinance on Fishing and Hunting of the Court of Valladolid in 1258 and King Juan II, an excellent fisherman and nature-lover, who enacted a series of decrees in Astorga on the 26 of August of 1448 that regulated the practice of fishing:

"..We hereby decree that trout shall not be fished from the middle of the month of November until the middle of the month of February, under a pain of 200 maravedis for each instance, on account of that being their period of breeding.." "..We forbid fishing for trout with nets with an opening larger than a Segovian piece of eight.." "..That any person whatsoever, who fouls the waters with quicklime or any other noxious substance, may be apprehended by any of Our subjects, who may levy fines of 100 maravedis for himself, 200 maravedis for the Regiment and half a hogshead of wine and 200 maravedis for the Council of the District."

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