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Negnon Gel Spun Backing-30Lb

h1>Negnon Gel Spun Backing-30Lb

A revolutionary fly fishing backing which amalgamates cutting-edge technology with exceptional durability, ideal for the pursuit of large game fish. Crafted from ultra-strong gel-spun polyethylene, this backing allows you to wind up to 75% more onto your fly reel compared to standard backings. Its unique, tightly braided, round weave ensures maximum durability and effective spooling, even on smaller reels.

Experience unparalleled performance thanks to this backing’s ability to maintain 100% strength when wet, making it a reliable choice in all angling conditions. Its high abrasion resistance, combined with a smooth coating and low friction coefficient, protects your fly rod guides and ensures fluid casting and retrieval.

Visible and versatile, it is available in a variety of high-visibility colors. This backing surpasses others with its impressive strength-to-diameter ratio, being ten times stronger than steel of equal diameters.

Choose Negnon Gel Spun Backing-30Lb

A product resistant to UV, oil, salt, and detergents, for your fishing endeavors.

  • Length: 100m
  • Strength: 30lb (approx. 15 kg)
  • The Negnon backing is combined after every 10 spools, so purchasing more than one spool means you receive a connected single piece of backing.
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Size: Negnon Gel Spun Backing-30Lb

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