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Negnon Sirius

Negnon Sirius fly reel it is a combination of aluminum and carbon fibre. The body (frame) is a combination of 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber. The spool is entirely CNC cut from aluminum. The reel has a sealed drag with precise regulation.
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Size: Negnon Sirius


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"""Line: 3-4 AFTM
Weight: 115 grams
Diameter: 7.4 cm
Wide: 3.0 cm"""
#3-4 Code: 10081257  
99.99 USD

"""Line: 5-6 AFTM
Weight: 135 grams
Diameter: 8.6 cm
Wide: 3.2 cm"""
#5-6 Code: 10081258  
129.99 USD

"""Line: 7-8 AFTM
Weight: 175 grams
Diameter: 9.4 cm
Wide: 3.6 cm"""
#7-8 Code: 10081259  
145.99 USD