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Taimen Tuul 60L Waterproof Zip Duffel

Ideal for weekend in any destination. Taimen Tuul Waterproof Duffel is made of 100% water-repellent, highly durable 840 D Nylon with TPU (polyurethane). For protect your gear in duffel we used 100% waterproof main zipper. Regarding use of zipper duffel is not only tight and comfortable to use, but it is much lighter than similar capacity classic Dry Bags with a rolled top. The design of the bag allows you to carry it as comfortably as a handbag, shoulder bag or as a backpack. Numerous handles allow you to carry it in any position. The top of Taimen Duffel, which is also the back of the backpack, has been equipped with spacer foam, which makes it much more comfortable to use as a backpack than other brands with similar solutions. Inside duffel in the bottom has been stiffened with light and durable EVA foam, which additionally protects your electronics or valuable fishing equipment in contact with hard ground. The duffel is equipped with a safety valve with which you can deflate air after closing it.

Facts: Waterproof, relatively light, super durable.
100% waterproof main zipper.
3 in one – Duffel is hand bag, shoulder bag, backpack.
Comfortable to use regardless of how you wear it.
Additional side pocket closed with a water resistant zipper.
Stiffened bottom of the bag The top of duffel is equipped with foam that improves the comfort of carrying it as a backpack.
Safety valve.
In addition, the bag comes with two straps that can be used to attach fishing rods or other accessories.
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Taimen Tuul 60L Waterproof Zip Duffel

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