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Taimen Udoma Jacket

Please note the jacket has a defect. The inner lining of the jacket (red fabric) has not been selected properly; after prolonged use, the insulating filling becomes slightly pilly on the inside lining. Pilling can be removed with a simple cloth.This may bother some people.

In the Udoma Jacket we used a 100% natural insulation made of bamboo fibres. The top ripstop shell is breathable, water repellent and winproof nylon fabric, and the inside is a high breathable fabric. Natural insulations provide much better thermal comfort than synthetic ones. In addition, other properties of natural fibres such as high breathability, moisture removal and natural anti-static properties make this jacket great for cold weather fishing condition.
Udoma Jacket Facts:
Top ripstop:
  • High quality nylon fabric
  • High breathable
  • Windproof
  • Water repellent fabric (DWR) Insulation:
  • 100 % natural insulation made from the bamboo.
  • Thermo-regulating , keeps the wearer warm in cool weather and cooler in warm.
  • Breathable, the porous nature of the fibre makes it extremely breathable.
  • Excellent wicking properties, keeps your skin dry.
  • Fibres are soft and thin like a natural silk.
  • Natural antibacterial properties.
  • Dry fast like a synthetic fibres.
  • Naturally static resistant.
  • Machine washable Eco friendly – biodegradable Light weight
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