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Negnon Omega Orionis Sink 2

Negnon Omega Orionis Sink2 is a sinking line designed for good contact between the angler and the bait. A properly designed head makes the line almost no overhang.

Negnon Orion are high-quality fly lines designed for a specific fishing method. When preparing their offer, we designed each line series individually. This applies to both the shape of the head, the core used and the coating of the fly line itself. For example, in lines where we wanted them to work better when casting over longer distances, the heads is longer and the weight of the head is moved forward, in presentation lines the center of gravity is further to the back of the head and the end of the line is thinner. In all lines we used a low-stretch braided core. Thanks to this solution, the line practically has no memory, and during the cast the line perfectly transfers energy. On the one hand, this allows for longer casts, and on the other hand, for better control of fly presentation. The coating of the lines is ultra silky and slippery, thanks to which the cord not only does not get dirty, but also reduces the friction of the line on the guides. When making the tip of fly line, we used a special compound with above-average floatability, which makes it float better on the water.

Facts: Fly line length 30m
Very slippery and silky Hi-Silk coating
Low stretch braided core
The end of the line is made in HI-Float technology
Tip finished with a loop.
Imprint on the fly line for easy identification of the class and type.
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Size: Negnon Omega Orionis Sink 2

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