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Negnon Vega

The Negnon Vega fly reel is by design to be used for fishing the largest predators in both fresh and salt water. Made of high quality aviation aluminum. It has a sealedf dragsustem with a large adjustment range. It allows for controlled work even with a load above 30 LB. It is perfect for catching pike and large and strong slatwater fish.
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Size: Negnon Vega


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Line: 9-11 AFTM
Weight: 215 grams
Diameter: 10.7 cm
Wide: 4,3 cm
#9-11 Code: 10081260 Negnon Vega
199.99 USD

Line: 11-13 AFTM
Weight: 255 grams
Diameter: 11.4 cm
Wide: 4.0 cm
#11-13 Code: 10081261 Negnon Vega
249.99 USD