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Taimen Uda Wading Boots (studs incl)

Taimen Uda wading boots.
Durable synthetic leather plus brushed rubber on our GRB wading platform.

When we started to design our new boots we focused only to make the perfect product– comfortable, durable, best Gripping to River Bottom – something that will give you the security of wading and full comfort of use.

Before we introduced the new line of boots we made a lot of prototypes tested on hard condition. We tested every singly material and shape of every elements. Designig and testing took us two years. Now we proudly present our new wading boots on GRB platform (grip to river bottom) .

Thanks to our distribution model (factory, Taimen, fisherman) we are able to offer you these boots in incredible price. In traditional model of distribution these boots should cost at least double.

Taimen Uda Boots facts:
  • Taimen wading platform GRB (grip to river bottom)
    Mid sole is made out of a light and flexible material. Due to the flexibility of the used material the sole have better contact with the river floor, providing a better grip.
    Rubber sole adapted to screwed in studs. Inside part of sole additionally reinforced with 4 mm hard rubber - in place where studs go in(with sole 8 mm).
    Mounted studs protrude high, thus providing a good grip while wading.
    Rubber sole Special rubber mix selected for wading on slippery surfaces. The shape of the sole based on honeycomb provides the possibility of screwing the appropriate number of studs according to fishing conditions.
  • The tip of the sole is folded out for better toe protection, additionally stitched for longer durability.
  • The toe cap can endure a pressure of 150 kg. Reinforced with a special plastic toe cap, protect toes. The tip of the boot doesn’t bend under water pressure.
  • Wider construction of the boots that includes space for a thick neoprene sock provides greater comfort even if you choose to wear an extra pair of woolly socks.
  • Special construction of tongue to put the boot on easily.
  • The inside of boots padded with soft neoprene for better comfort.
  • Synthetic leather selected for long use during wading
  • Brushed rubber in places particularly exposed to rocks for better durability.
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    Size: Taimen Uda Wading Boots (studs incl)

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