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Taimen Ongi Michelin Wading Boots

We are pleased to present the unique features of our Taimen Ongi Wading Boots, which combine technological innovations with the needs of fly fishermen, providing unparalleled functionality and durability in all conditions.

Key Features of wading boots Taimen Ongi:

  • Innovative Michelin Sole for Fly Fishermen: This sole, designed with fly fishing in mind, stands out for its exceptional grip - it is 40% better on wet surfaces compared to other market solutions and offers 25% greater wear resistance.
  • Michelin Tire Tread in the Sole: Thanks to the thoughtfully designed tread pattern, inspired by Michelin tire technology, the boots have an extended contact area with the ground, ensuring solid stability and effectively distributing pressure while minimizing shocks.
  • Advanced Dual-Component Midsole: Inside the midsole, there is a specially designed plate that increases the torsional stability of the footwear and ensures more effective spike retention.
  • Comfortable and Durable Midsole: Offering better sensations when in contact with the riverbed, this sole is more resistant to wear than standard EVA models, translating into a longer lifespan of the boots.
  • 28 sockets for studs: Each sole of the Taimen Ongi Wading Boots is equipped with 14 sockets for screwing in wading studs. These sockets are strategically placed to provide optimal traction and stability, enhancing the safety and performance of the boots in various wading conditions.
  • Innovative TPU Film: The use of reinforced TPU film in areas prone to friction iensures durability and flexibility, while maintaining the lightness of the boot.
  • Water-Resistant Fabric: The use of highly permeable fabric ensures wearing comfort while maintaining the durability typical for boots used in extreme conditions.
  • Lighter Construction: Thanks to the modern construction and materials, the boots are lighter, which increases comfort during use, especially during long fishing trips.
  • Stability and Reinforced Areas: Special reinforcements in critical points of the boot increase its durability. A full protective toe cap inside the boot and heel stiffening ensure stability and safety during use.
  • Ergonomic Design: The anatomical design of the boot guarantees comfort in various fishing conditions.

Experience and Comfort at the Highest Level! The Taimen Ongi Wading Boots are a combination of innovation, functionality, and comfort. Thanks to the Michelin sole shared with the Uchur model, they provide unparalleled stability and grip, making them the ideal choice for any fisherman who values the highest quality and performance.

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