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Taimen Accuracy P - Fly Line

Accuracy P – (Presentation) Fly line designed to give you perfect fly presentation in short to medium distance fishing. The first section of the head is extended, while the overal head length is slightly shorter than standard heads (total lengh of head approx. 8.5-8.9 m, depending on the line class). The head shape of Accuracy P fly line is something between standard head and delta shape. This combination makes give you perfect fly presentation and ensuring efficient casting control. Accuracy series line
  • non-stretch core, it provides better casting control and gives you better touch with the fish. The extensibility of the core material is only 5%.
  • High-Float tip for better fly control and visibility/.
  • Teflon coating enables quick and long-distance casting, and makes the Accuracy lines virtually maintenance-free.
  • Thanks to the different colours of the head and shooting line, you will always know just the right moment to lift your line from the water. The two-colour Accuracy line also ensures greater control over the casting distance.
  • Micro loop with line weight indication.
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