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Taimen Accuracy G - Fly Line

Accuracy G - (general condition) A “workhorse” fly line and a good choice for most fishing conditions. The shape and length of the head make this line efficient for dry & wet fly and nymph techniques. The Accuracy G excels at medium distances but you’ll be surprised at how far you can cast if need long presentation is .

Accuracy series line
  • non-stretch core, it provides better casting control and gives you better touch with the fish. The extensibility of the core material is only 5%.
  • High-Float tip for better fly control and visibility/.
  • Teflon coating enables quick and long-distance casting, and makes the Accuracy lines virtually maintenance-free.
  • Thanks to the different colours of the head and shooting line, you will always know just the right moment to lift your line from the water. The two-colour Accuracy line also ensures greater control over the casting distance.
  • Micro loop with line weight indication.
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