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Taimen River TIZIP Waders

Stitchless legs, five-layer structure along the entire length of the leg, high resistance to water penetration and breathability, modern design: these are just some of the features you can expect from our River waders.


  • 3-5 layer structure.
  • External material with enhanced resistance to soiling.
  • Leg made of strong, five-layer material with enhanced resistance.
  • Treer-layer material for the remaining parts.
  • Points subject to abrasion (rub through) reinforced with additional tape.
  • Internal leg with no stitches.
  • Built-in neoprene gravel guards.
  • Belt.
  • Adjusted loops for people with shorter legs.
  • Braces with YKK clips.
  • External pocket protected with additional tape.
  • External pocket with waterproof zip fastener to protect contents against rain.
  • Internal pocket with zip fastener.
  • Two D-rings for attaching accessories.
  • Profiled socks made of resistant neoprene made by 3M.
  • Bottom sock part made of neoprene with enhanced rub through resistance.
  • Each pair checked separately.
  • Riri Storm zip fastener.


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Size: Taimen River TIZIP Waders

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