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Taimen Selenga Vertical Fly Fishing Vest

Wading vest Selenga.
Fly Fishing Vest for deep wadingge amount of fishing equipment and accessories in it.

The vest is made of durable, breathable nylon, finished in DWR technology. Inside, the vest is lined with approximately 4 mm three-dimensional mesh, which is breathable in each direction. The three-dimensional structure of the mesh makes the space between the outer material and the body super airy, and the vest provides thermal comfort both during fishing on hot and cold days. The arms inside the vest are made of laminated foam finished with hemispheres. Due to this shape, between the foam and the body a space is created , ensuring superb air circulation. The foam itself is so soft and springy that the weight of the vest is evenly distributed over the shoulders and even when wearing it heavily weighted, you feel comfortable and light.

Other details:

- 22 pockets and compartments for accessories and fishing equipment.
2 large, zippered, profiled pockets made of EVA foam,
4 outer zipped pockets on the front of the vest.
4 pockets closed with Velcro.
2 stretch fabric pockets for fly spray.
2 large pockets, one for e.g. a jacket, the other for e.g. additional boxes or reels.
2 mesh compartments in one of the back pockets.
The inside of the vest:
4 inside zipped pockets

- 4 Velcro straps for attaching fly patch or other accessories.
- 2 holders for attaching accessories.
- 2 fishing rod holders - for right-handed and left-handed anglers.
- 1 D-ring for the landing net on the back.
- Adjustable width with a cord.
- fastened with both a zipper and a clip.
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Size: Taimen Selenga Vertical Fly Fishing Vest

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