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Wapsi Finn Raccoon Zonkers

Finn Raccoon Zonkers
• Great for salmon, steelhead, pike, bass, and saltwater flies
• The longest hair available on a zonker strip
• 1/8 wide x 15 long strip

For more than just tube flies
Finn Raccoon is a must have fly tying material for tube fly enthusiasts and one of the best, and most versatile, materials for tying bass, saltwater, and trout flies too. The properties of Finn Raccoon hair enable the fly tyer to meet many needs.

The underfur is very soft and fluffy and comes alive in the water much like marabou. Averaging 1 to 3 in length it is excellent as a tailing material on streamers or as a dubbing on trout flies. Being highly absorbent it helps your fly sink quickly.

Guard hairs average 2 to 4 in length and are straighter and less flexible than than the underfur. They are excellent as a tailing or winging material on trout streamers, salmon and steelhead flies.

When the guard hairs and underfur are tied in together it makes one of the sexiest fly tying materials available. The hair ties in with minimal bulk yet has a very full appearance. At the same time maintaining an undulating action in the water.
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