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Greys Tail

A new standard in Di-cast reel design, the latest addition to the Greys reel family is constructed from durable di cast aluminium that then undergoes two seperate machining processes to remove excess metal and create a stunning highly finished design. Finished with an anodising pre-treatment and then a durable paint finish to ensure corrosion-free saltwater use, the Tail all-water is also fitted with a sealed all-water Disc drag system generating over 10lbs of smooth drag. More than a match for reels costing twice the price.

High quality di-cast, machine finished construction
Sealed Carbon disc drag system
Modern large arbor industrial design
Supplied with reel pouch
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Version: Greys Tail


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#3/4 freshwater Code: 10081595  
109.00 USD

#7/8 all- water Code: 10081601  
172.00 USD

#5/6 freshwater Code: 10081596  
129.00 USD

#9/10 all-water Code: 10081602  
189.00 USD

#7/8 freshwater Code: 10081597  
150.00 USD


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#7/8 all-water Code: 10081603  
90.00 USD

#3/4 Code: 10081598  
70.00 USD

#9/10 Code: 10081604  
100.00 USD

#5/6 Code: 10081599  
79.00 USD

#7/8 Code: 10081600  
88.00 USD